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My highlights this year were my concerts at school of rock. If you didn’t know this I am a drummer and I have been drumming for about four years. for my first season at school of rock I played Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, Schools out by Alice Cooper and For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica. In my second season I played Dirty water (I can’t remember who wrote this song), House of the rising sun (also can’t remember author), And I cant remember the name or the author of my other song. For this concert I am going to be playing Paranoid by Black Sabbath, Stop In The Name Of Love by the Supremes and I Feel Good by James Brown but I am also singing Wild Thing by The Troggs and Tainted Love by Soft Cell. School of rock

the magicians elephant week 1

  1. I like this book a lot so far. I feel good as I am getting started with this book. I connect with this book because I love my sister as much as the main character does his sister.
  2. I have met the grumpy old knight the small police officer the chief of police and the main character the main character loves his sister and wants to know what happened to her the grumpy old knight cares for the boy and trains him the police is frds with the boy

The magicians elephant Week 5 & 6

1. Daring. In the beginning of the book the main character was timid for example he wanted to ask about the elephant, multiple times through out the book but couldn’t build up the courage. He is daring by the end of the book as shown by him having to steal the elephant, from Countess Quintet’s ballroom to send it back home so that see his sister.

2. One of my dreams is to work at Abbott Labs with my dad. My father is a robotics engineer. And my dream is to work with him when I grow up.

3. I would rate The Magicians Elephant Five stars. The book was full of very strong emotions. When the main character was a young child he agreed that he would take care of his baby sister if anything ever happened. When he is a young man he is leading the elephant to the magician when a young girl runs out of an orphanage to see it. Her name is called out from the orphanage and he realizes it is his sister. They are reunited and he reunites the elephant with his family as well.

4. It is much harder to read when you don’t have the code

5. COURA-GEnius

The magicians elephant week 3 and 4

1. A spark of hope happens in Leo Mattiens heart and Peters heart when they suddenly start trying to find a way to send the heartbroken elephant back home t be with its family. What happens at this point is they visit the magician in prison and make a deal with him.

2. Peter is slightly bullied in the line to see the elephant because he is trying not to cry and then someone says something like are you standing in line or playing with your hat in a rude and menacing manner but Peter smartly like the soldier he was once being trained to be, steps forward in line without back talk.

3. I used to be bullied a lot at my old schools, so if you’re being bullied then I am there for you.  How I got through is I stayed away from that person and stood up to them only when they were bullying me or someone else.

(I was very menacing because I was twice everybody’s height.)

Week 2 book club questions

1. I think that a friendship will form between the main character and Leo Maltine, the police officer who will lead him to the elephant.

2. I have a friend where our relationship was very unlikely because we were into different things. Our friendship worked out because we found something that we were both interested in… StarCraft. Our parents are now good friends because of our friendship. And now we have diner every Wednesday night.

3. Have you ever had a friendship where you liked the exact opposite things or things that the other person is not interested in?

The magicians elephant

1. I think that this book is good and I relate to this book because I love my sister as much as the main character loves his sister.

2. I think that the guardian is always grumpy because he is constantly catching colds. And the boy is searching for his sister.

3. My question is who is your favorite character so far and why.

The magicians elephant

1. I feel like this book is a good book and I love my sister as much as the main character.
2. I think that the old knight is very grumpy all the time because gets so many fevers and I think he cares for the main character at least a little. I think that the main character misses his family a lot and is trying to find out if his sister is okay.
3. My question to everyone is who is your favorite character so far and why.

Hi from Texas

Howdy Caleb and class,

some of my favorite hobbies are soccer and video games too. I play Starcraft2, Destiny2, Call of duty vanguard, Halo master chief collection and infinite, Valheim, Mortal Combat 11 and VI and Arizona sunshine.

I go to Prince of Peace Christian school. I don’t do art but I do band I play the drum set I’ve played the songs for whom the bell tolls, dirty water, schools out, house of the rising sun and more. My favorite band is Metallica what is yours? I also own 3 cats do you have any pets? While I hope that you’ve enjoyed this and have a good day.

sincerely,                                                                                                                                                     Eli

And the winner is… 100wc#19

   Chapter One. One morning I can’t handle the stress the next I quit my job it’s hard to do what l did for a living. Five years later I find myself back in the job. I get my first mission after a long time. My assignment was to test their new super weapon. A gun not an ordinary gun an energy gun. I thought what did the company get themselves into. I got a team. Nisha a skilled sharpshooter. David he loves playing with bombs he just depletes them quickly. And Owen good with heavy weapons. We were ready.


One day I  was driving to work, listening to the radio (only because they had Metallica on) and suddenly the radio went wonky, and static. A raspy voice came on and said I’m coming. I thought nothing of it and went on with my day. Suddenly during break a chill came down my spine, when the speakers emitted the same thing nobody else heard it though. I thought I was going mad. Yeah that was it I was going mad. When I got home I was watching tv, and the screen cut out. It was black a figure started coming out of the tv. then surprise! I said my birthday was last month.