Barren grounds

The barren grounds is a very interesting story. My perspective of this story is that a girl named Morgan, and A boy named Eli are foster kids who find a hidden room in the attic of their foster home. While they are in the attic they make a portal, to another world with Eli’s art work. I am looking forward to hearing more from and about this story and how Eli and Morgan travel to the other world.

Thoughts on sixth grade so far

My first thought on sixth grade is that it has been very stressful for me so far. It is hard to keep up and, it is very confusing. It is very different from what I had been used to. I don’t like the Canvas app because it buffers too much. It lists assignments that have already been done which scares me. It is difficult to find anything and is not easily understood.

My second thought is that there are parts of sixth grade that is fun because I get to be with my friends. I love science class and I wish that were more projects. I think that sixth grade math gives the right amount of assignments.

Have you ever tried to eat a clock?  It’s very time consuming.